I write my own rules when it comes to designing beautiful and original cufflinks.

I got started when I bought my first double cuff shirt (AKA French cuff shirt); I was so happy with how elegant and well-made it was that I couldn't wait to get some cufflinks into it.
However, I could not find any cufflinks that matched the quality of the shirt. I was distraught!
I scoured top stores around London only to find nothing but boring, basic cufflinks, with little to no variation from one another. I couldn't find anything with real colour, shape and depth. And so my journey began!
So, that very night I started designing my own cufflinks until the early hours of the morning, and I managed to get my first 7 designs on paper one for each day of the week!
I was ecstatic.
After just 3 hours sleep, I was so determined to get my designs from paper to reality, I went to Hatton Garden, the jewellery center of London, and bought all the materials I needed to get started. After 23 days of labouring tirelessly, I finally managed to create the first seven of the designs.
They were bright, beautiful and original, and I was so very proud of them!
I went to the office with my double cuff shirt and my newly made cufflinks, and my colleagues, friends and family immediately took notice and wanted some for themselves!
I was so shocked that I made a few of each design and offered them to my local menswear store in a wholesale capacity. Within 10 days he called me up asking for 10 pairs of every design as soon as possible. It wasn't long before I gave up my 9-5 and started designing and manufacturing cufflinks, and have continued doing so to this very day.
I am so happy to open my own Etsy store and offer my creations to my fellow cufflink-lovers around the world.